Grandpa Lyle turns 80 this week! Eighty! Hey…that’s how old Maddox and Milo think I am. Hmmm…

I like to think that when standing next to one another people can tell that he’s got a couple of years on me. But maybe not.

I guess congrats to grandpa for making it to 80 and I hope I make it there myself one day in the far far future (in spite of what the kids think).

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Fun with kids

I went to Queens after work to see the kiddos. I caught part of a gymnastics class and then we had dinner and read books and played a bit. A good time was had by all. (Except by Briauntie when Eddie accidentally walked on her broken toe). 

Me Time

The Boyfriend is out of town again this week for the third and final fall conference and I’m once again enjoying my Me Time this week. My plan is to watch lot of PBS shows and read lots of sad books. Erica gave me a stack of books about death last week that I’m going to try to read while The Boyfriend is out of town. Because I think it’s funny. Boyfriend goes out of town, girlfriend reads sad books alone and weeps daily. That’s funny to me.

Regular Season

We went to our final regular season Mets games over the weekend. We had a 20-game season ticket plan this year and made it to almost all of them. Friday’s game was an awesome come from behind 10-4 win. Saturday’s game started horrifically with 5 runs given up by us in the 1st inning. Then the other team was up 10-0 when we finally mounted an 8 run come back and had the winning run up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th but lost. But at least we made an effort so it wasn’t as horrible a game as it started out to be.

We have tickets to the post-season if there is one this year. We are anxiously waiting to see if the Mets make it to the post season and if they do, if they make it to any games at home. But worry not, there was a 25% off sale at the games this weekend , so we are well prepared with warm weather team gear should we be seeing October games. And the give-way on Saturday was a Mets fleece blanket so now we have two and will be able to keep very warm at future cold-weather games.

The season ends Sunday. We are tied for the top wild card spot as of right this second. Fingers crossed and Let’s Go Mets!

Oven in the…

Living room? Yes

Our oven stopped working last week. And this week the super came by to unhook it in anticipation of our new oven to be delivered that same day. So he moved the old oven to the middle of the livingroom. And then the new oven did not get delivered. So we lived for a day with a blank space in the kitchen and an oven on our livingroom. It wasn’t cool. But we did get a nice new oven finally.