Blog break

Since WordPress decided to charge me $100 this next year for my blog and photo posting privileges I decided to take a break and just give Facebook a try. So I’ll be over there for a bit at least during a trial period or until WordPress gets their act together. 

Not cool. 

Happy thanksgiving!


Blog problems

So WordPress has increased their prices a lot and I’m not sure I want to pay that much for their services. Might have to take a blog break while I ponder my options. Happy thanksgiving week!

A day makesĀ 

I worked at the hospital on Sunday and the bus ride that takes me 40 minutes on Monday took me 15 on Sunday. I was so shocked by how short the ride was that I was still reading my book and the bus driver had to tell me it was the last stop! Awesome! 

Also I only work Monday and Tuesday this week then it’s time for thanksgiving fun!! Pumpkin dinner Tuesday night. Pie baking Wednesday. Thanksgiving Thursday! Ohio state Michigan Saturday! New season of Gilmore girls on Netflix Friday! Could my life be any better this week!? 

I’ll keep you posted. 

Bacon mystery

The Boyfriend and I were just walking home from a show we went to see and got to a corner near our house and were overwhelmed by the smell of bacon. Outside. At 10:30. On a corner that was at least 2 blocks from the nearest restaurant. And my bus stop is outside the nearest restaurant and I stand in front of it every morning and have never smelled bacon in the morning during prime bacon hours. So I have a hard time thinking it was a 2 block wave of bacon air from there. But from where was it coming? Truly a bacon mystery…

Blast from the past

Nintendo has released a mini classic game system with all the old games from my youth. The Boyfriend and I asked for one for Christmas from mom. After many stores and many unsuccessful attempts on her part we decided to take another route. (A plus for effort, mom!)

Since The Boyfriend is a major tech geek he was able to find a way to make our own system and did so on Monday. So when I got home from work on Monday I played a bit of Super Mario Brothers 3 and then we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles together. It was awesome. But also dangerous as I’m concerned about how much time we adults are going to be spending on this child’s game. 

Magic in Peekskill

Last night we took a train an hour north of the city to Peekskill, New York to see a friend of The Boyfriend perform an illusion show. I had seen him do a short 15 minute show in January at a performing arts conference and was so excited to see the full show. 

It was a nice last minute trip the night before I start back to work today. (Boo)