First Bar Mitzvah

Saturday I attended my first bar mitzvah. It was for my long time patient and very good friend that a lot of you know. I met him when he was 3 and now he’s 13 and a young Jewish man. It was such a lovely thing to be a part of and I cried like he was my own child. I was a mess! 

Then there was a giant beach party that night and so many nurses and teachers that have worked with him over the years were there. It was such a wonderful reunion for so many of us and such a beautiful celebration of how far this amazing kid has come. I also cried at the party. Seriously. I was a mess. 

I’m not sure I can ever go to another bar mitzvah again as there’s no way it could live up to this one! 

Congratulations to my young friend!

Inbox Zero

Look what happens when I sort and delete all my emails every day with my new email app:

And even though it’s just a tiny picture, it’s oddly motivating. And I really want to see it every day. It somehow makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together when I get to the much-coveted “inbox zero”. 

Unbridal shower

Two of our friends are getting married in October. This weekend we all rented a minivan together to drive out to Long Island for their unbridal shower. That’s what they called it since there is no bride at the wedding of Billy and Jeremy. We had such a great time on our road trip and at the shower. It was a lovely event and Jeremy’s mom had us all on the verge of tears more than once. There was a good amount of booze and only one cheesy shower game. Best shower ever!


Look at the emails The Boyfriend and I got from Hillary this weekend:

I got my email first and was shocked and excited that there are 512 other Briannes supporting Hillary. Until I saw that the Keiths best us by 10,000. Oh well. Still. 513 democrat Briannes is pretty great! I hope we find one another and form a group and have meetings! 

Briannes unite!!

One mind

At dinner the other day Maren and I discovered that we were wearing the same shoes and had just started reading the same book on the same day of that week. Which reminded us of the day in college when we both went to Walmart and bought the same pair of mittens and both changed our ringtones to Christmas songs. In October. True story. 

I guess no matter who we live with or how infrequently we hang out we won’t ever stop having basically the same brain. 

I can’t wait until we are old and can live next to each other in matching brownstone apartments. And take art classes together! And have lots of cats. But not too many. And wear big hats and big jewelry and Maren swears she will only wear house coats. I’m planning for tunics. It’s going to be amazing. 

And don’t worry, The Boyfriend and Jeff know they aren’t a part of our old lady plans. They seem okay about it.