Bus game

I had a theory about my morning bus driver and yesterday I put it to the test. Every morning the bus driver stop the bus with the doors lined up right in front of me. I love this. But I started to wonder if it was just a coincidence. I’m usually in the same spot every morning and maybe that spot is also the spot most convenient for stopping after rounding the corner. So yesterday I made a huge move and stood 10 feet closer to the corner. And he still lined the doors up directly in front of me. Theory proved correct!! I’m not sure why he does it. He never says anything to me when I get on the bus and say good morning to him. Maybe it’s a fun game he plays with himself? Who knows. It’s awesome for me and I love it! Thanks morning m72 bus driver!

Death books

The last week that The Boyfriend was away at a conference at the end of September I made an odd choice. I read two books about death. So I literally sat at home weeping while my boyfriend was out of town. I was a total mess. Those books were amazing and heartbreaking and beautiful and it was wonderful and awful. I read:

1. A Monster Calls. A young adult book about a boy and his mom and a monster. And it was illustrated. And spectacular. 

2. When Breath Becomes Air. An adult book written by a neurosurgeon dying of lung cancer. Amazing. 

I only wish I had had time to read more books about death that week. Erica gave me several when last we met. She’s the best! I’ll let you know when I delve into those. In the meantime if you’re looking for a book you have to keep putting down on your commute to work because you’re on the verge of tears and can’t show up to a hospital weeping, see the above list.